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RISINGSTRONG: Thriving After Cancer
Group Coaching Programme

with Kat Holden

Tired of feeling lost, exhausted, alone, angry, overwhelmed...


Are you struggling to hold on to a semblance of normality only don't have a clue who you are anymore?

Do you wake up every morning believing it'll be different today only for exhaustion to knock you off kilter?

Are you pretending all is well to your family and friends, boss and colleagues only you're far from OK?

Have you invested in self-help books and programmes and yet still struggle to recognise yourself or find your happy place?

Are you trying your hardest to force yourself back into your old life only feel more lost and alone than ever?

You are not alone!

If you're like many of the women I coach, you've been desperately searching for the answers with no joy.

You're ready to live the life you survived for filled with; love, energy, happiness, connection, purpose, belonging and with the sense of self you deserve.

Only you've no idea where to start!


It doesn't have to be this way.


What you need are the proven strategies, the hope, support and community of like minded, understanding women.

When we go through the catalyst of cancer we will never be the same again.

Only the reason why you feel so upset and alone right now is because you have no idea of the incredible women you are today because of that catalyst.

When it comes to rebuilding your life, it's nearly impossible to do it alone.  In fact, studies show that you're upto 95% more likely to show up for yourself when you have support.

But not just any support!

You need compassionate coaching that's inspiring, practical and powerful.

You need a holistic approach that serves your mind, body and soul.

You need proven strategies that are easy to run with - life is busy enough and you're already too tough on yourself!

You need that guiding light to show you the way towards your bright new chapter; towards joy, connection, love and purpose.

And you need the wisdom from someone who has walked that path and will bring mighty support to guide you.   

That kind of support will get results.  And support is the biggest difference between people who reach their goals and those who don't.

I know how it feels to have been too ill to work and the financial anxiety that can bring.  I also know how important it is for everyone who has been through cancer to have access to this transformational programme. 

Which is why it's a simple cost of PAY WHAT YOU CAN. 

photo of woman with arms raised in the splashing waves, looking at view and getting away from it all.

It's time to come back to life!

Imagine a life filled with confidence, joy, purpose and connection.  A life that flows and lights you up inside.  A life where you feel you belong.  A life that helps you live authentically, love fearlessly and show up unapologetically each and every day.

Hello you!

It's me, Kat, and I'm here to shine a light for you!

No matter how you feel right now, you have the strength and courage to change your life.

And I know it's possible because I've done it!

12 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical cancer.  I know how it feels to hear those devastating words.  I know how it feels to be at your lowest ebb physically and emotionally.  I also know what it takes to come back to life.

Right now what you need is the emotional support, the strategies and hope because if you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel - you're screwed!

After my medical team stepped away I got busy rebuilding, discovering and learning.  Today I combine my personal experiences with my coaching and psychotherapy training and run programmes that inspire and transform.

For the last 10 years I've been sharing what I know to anyone who will listen and that journey has taken me to some extraordinary places and people who have enriched my life beyond measure.

And now I want to help you to discover the incredible woman you are today; to heal your past, find your joy and live your most extraordinary life.


It's your time to thrive and I want to personally invite you to join my Rising Strong programme where you'll get powerful coaching, compassionate psychotherapy and devoted support to help you come back to life and thrive.

This is what I know for sure

this Rising Strong programme works!

Here's what it includes and WHY it works

The Rising Strong group programme is a 3 month thoughtfully designed blend of coaching, personal development and mentoring based on the latest neuroscience research, where I support you every step of the way sharing those important foundations with every tactic and every mindset shift.

no nonsense support

with a combination of coaching, mentoring and EFT, each session is tailormade so you get what you need from our time together to enable you to heal the trauma of your treatment, let go of the fear of recurrence and uncover the incredible woman you are today.


whether you're struggling with who you are this side of cancer, or you're desperately trying to fit back into your old life, or you're getting lost in overpowering emotions, or maybe you've lost trust in yourself and your body. Whatever your challenge, we'll work together to discover the incredible woman you are today.

knowledge + wisdom

over the last 13 years I've lived, studied and qualified in modern psychology, neuroscience and transformational coaching, and I understand what it takes to keep showing up for yourself.  I'll share with you all that I've learned and how it will support you as you come back to life.


life after cancer can be lonely as hell as you feel no one understands why you're not positively joyful and thriving. Being part of this community of understanding and like-minded women will bring a sense of belonging, you will be seen and heard.  You will be inspired to keep showing up for yourself.

Here's the programme in detail... 

This is 12 weeks of discovery, learning, connection and belonging.

You'll be together in small groups with tailored support within a sacred space where you feel safe to be seen and heard. 

You will build strong connections and a powerful community with the other like minded and understanding ladies in the programme.

Each month, we begin with a live training where I share how to build and strengthen one of the foundation stones.

Plus you get access to me to ask any questions and participate in the conversation.

These trainings are recorded so even if you can't join live, you’re not going to miss out on the learnings.

And then a fortnight after that we come together again for that connection and group coaching focusing on that month's foundation focus.

It is your time to talk about what you've learned, implemented and any challenges you may have come up against, as well as being able to bring whatever else you need support with.

These are the foundations that we'll focus on;

Resetting your resilience - I know how exhausted you feel.  I know you feel your energy is at an all time low and you need to build more on those first 5 steps I shared.  It’s important to make this one our first foundation stone because we already know, without our vitality, everything is so much harder.  We’ll cover what this foundation means for you, what you need to build and strengthen your resilience, and how to prioritise getting those needs met.

Your guiding light - you're struggling to recognise yourself and doing your best trying to fit back into your old life and your old self.  This needs to stop.  In this foundation stone you will discover and align to what’s most important to you today.  This is an incredibly powerful foundation that once in place, all your decisions, the way you feel and the way you show up in the world will be authentically and powerfully you.

And then the final foundation,

Strong new boundaries - this is so important - with boundaries you teach others how to treat you.  Only knowing and honouring boundaries is a strength many do not have.  And they are crucial for us to thrive.  Your energy and zest for life is now growing, you're discovering who you are today and now it's time to bring discernment into who you want in your life and how you spend your time.  In this final foundation stone I’ll share with you how to set boundaries, how to hold them, how to recognise when they’re being crossed and how to start asking for what you need.

if youre looking for a sign

These 12 weeks will cover what you really need to be focusing on as you start to rebuild your physical and emotional health. 

You have just stepped out of a long dark tunnel into the sunlight and right now, you're standing there blinking and adjusting your eyes to this bright new day. 

And we are going to take those first steps together and build strong foundations so you can go on and create your most wild and wonderful life. 

It's so important that everyone who needs this support has access to it.

Which is why there is no set fee for this transformational programme.