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Essential Resilience

with Kat Holden

Welcome to the programme where you will easily change the way you think, build unshakeable resilience and discover your best self.

Letting go of self doubt and building TRUE resilience doesn't have to be hard

You are;

struggling with self doubt and stuck in a cycle of over thinking and over analysing that is wearing you down,

exhausted and well on your way to burn out because you have to do it all yourself,

stuck in your old stories and often get triggered back into those feelings of shame and resentment,

struggling with the crazy busyness of life and have no idea how to change it,

ready to make a different decision and transform the way you think to help you strengthen your resilience and create a life you love!


Hey, I'm Kat and I have just the thing for YOU!

My personal experience of working within corporate, coupled with serious illness, and the emotional rollercoaster of launching and growing a successful heart-centred company, I understand the importance of resilience.


True resilience comes from your thoughts and beliefs, it's living with integrity and knowing what makes your heart sing.  It's knowing your worth and the difference you want to make in this world.  It's the ability to forgive, to be compassionate, to be kind.  It's the ability to know the value you bring to your family, your friends, your community, your colleagues, your board...

Over the last 13 years I've coached and mentored women from across the globe to become the vital leaders they were always destined to be.

I've helped my clients break through barriers, get the promotions, secure the salaries, and realise their true potential. As they've uncovered their genius, and discovered their powerful voices, they've learned to succeed at the game of life without burning out.

And it all begins from a place of Essential Resilience!

Why Essential Resilience works

no nonsense support

with a combination of coaching, mentoring and EFT, each session is bespoke to you so you get what you want from our time together to enable you to be your best self with the resilience to live your most wonderful life.


whether you're struggling with self doubt, stuck in old stories, losing yourself or burning out, we'll focus on letting go of those beliefs that are  keeping you stuck and exhausted so you can take action to turn your life around.

knowledge + wisdom

over the last 13 years I've lived, studied and qualified in modern psychology, neuroscience and transformational coaching, and I understand what it takes to keep showing up for yourself.  I'll share with you all that I've learned and how it will support you as you build your unshakeable resilience.

workbook + journal

you'll have a printable workbook and journal so you have a record of our time together detailing your personal journey.  It will help you to get focused and taking action on what you've uncovered.  All my programmes have proven results but these only happen when you put in the work to make them happen.

In this 90 day transformative programme, you will;

let go of your old stories and beliefs
discover what you need to thrive
embrace your worth and own your value
overcome your triggers and strengthen your compassion
find your authentic voice and start to show up unapologetically
be authentically you and create deep and meaningful relationships
develop a deep well of resilience that will enable you to live your most fulfilling, adventurous and successful life
find the courage to ask for the promotions and secure the salary
begin to realise your true potential and find your way to succeed at the game of life without burning out.
Your investment is £2,500

Let me tell you a little about me

I'm the Founder + CEO of Vital Leaders a coaching and development company championing resilience and empowering ambitious women to uncover their genius, break through barriers and succeed at the game of life.
Before I ventured into the entrepreneurial world, I worked 25+ years in corporate life, travelling the globe with a screaming Banshee of an inner critic and a constant feeling of, 'today is the day they'll find out I don't know what I'm doing!'
I burned out.  My immune system crashed and I spent the next 7 years battling serious illnesses.
From this rocky chapter I discovered the power of modern psychology, coaching and personal development and the importance of resilience.
And the rest, as they say, is history!
Today you can mostly find me in the UK on the Sunshine Coast where I spend my days paddle boarding, walking the South Downs with my dog Jock and enjoying a pale ale at the local pub with friends.