Support on Demand coaching and EFT sessions give you expert support to work through immediate challenges.

Support on Demand has been created especially for you to make it as easy as possible to access top quality coaching and EFT when you want it - without having to commit to a 6 or 12 month programme.

With Support on Demand, you have access to me for a powerful 60 minute laser coaching or EFT session.

To get the most from your laser session, make sure you know what you want to achieve from our time together, and turn up with an open mind and heart.  I will guide you through the challenge as you explore and discover insights and understandings, solutions and actions. 

The research is mounting on the real human cost of women losing themselves in corporate life; feeling like a fraud, becoming sick and burning out, suffering with high anxiety and even depression.

In a study by McKinsey - how talented women thrive, they discovered the most effective female leaders as “… having a well of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength that drives personal achievement and in turn inspires others to follow.

In other words for you to thrive, you must have the confidence to be you, to live the life that makes you happy, to be brave, to show up, to be engaged and connected, to be resilient, to be kind and to believe in yourself.  Because that’s when talented women become Vital Leaders.