what if I told you there was a quick and easy way to change your life?

Would you believe me? 

Allow me to introduce you to Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT or Tapping literally rewires the brain by changing neuro-pathways so you actually want to do the things that are going to improve your life. Make you feel happier, healthier and more confident. 

Who remembers watching Steve MacDonald on Corrie sitting in his taxi tapping to help him through his overwhelming anxiety and depression.

It’s not only Steve MacDonald that uses this form of modern psychology.  Political leaders, celebrities, athletes and even the Duchess of Cornwall use this technique to help let go of past trauma and put an end to their phobias, fears or addictions.

As adults we run so many unconscious filters and patterns that keep us stuck, overwhelmed and miserable; in your finances, your health, your careers and even your relationships.  

And I understand the frustration that comes with wanting to change and improve your life and yet, no matter how hard you try you just can’t make it happen. 

By simply tapping on those fears and emotions, pains or memories, you are rewiring your neural pathways that allow you to let go of any fears, phobia’s addictions or limiting beliefs.  Quickly, easily and with lasting results.

Sounds pretty bonkers, right? 

Over the years, there have been a huge number of studies that show when you deal with underlying emotional issues, it leads to increased levels of happiness, focus and productivity, plus an improved immune system.

One such study by Staffordshire University led to a specific healthcare paper presented to the NHS, 

EFT is a new and emerging therapy that can be used to treat a wide range of conditions.  A growing and safe treatment and with the increase of demand for mental health services and a decrease of NHS resources we feel the use of EFT within the NHS should now be extended.”

This is why Tapping works when other things fail!  And when you come in for an EFT session with me and experience it, you’ll get to actually feel the difference for yourself.

Don’t spend a moment longer feeling stuck in overwhelming emotions.  Do something just for you and 📲 book a consult today katrina@katholden.com


About the Author: As founder of the women’s vitality and leadership company, Vital Leaders, Kat has lived experience of Boardroom brilliance and burnout. Couple this with her corporate insights, coaching excellence, and psychotherapy expertise and it’s easy to see why she’s recognised as one of the UK’s leading coaches. She supports ambitious women to own their genius and elevate their success.

She’s also the founder of The Vitality Club, a private members network for ambitious women who are ready to embrace their authentic power and sky-rocket their career, without burning out.

And she’s the creator of an empowerment group, Life After Cancer, which is a voluntary-led initiative dedicated to supporting men and women as they rebuild their lives after their battle with cancer.

Kat’s mission is to make a significant impact on the lives of women around the world, guiding them back to their authentic voices, to embrace their genius; powerfully, boldly and without burning out.

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