I’m curious, as a high achieving woman, what’s creating your imposter feelings? 

"I worked with Kat at a time when my business and personal success was high.  I was influencing at board level on subjects close to my heart. I felt energised and committed and yet somehow I also still had a nagging feeling of needing to prove something that was getting in the way of me enjoying my achievements.  Kat helped me to see that under the outer façade of confidence, I had another, less confident, side that was holding me back despite my obvious success.  She created the psychological safety I needed to be completely open and explore thoughts that I barely even admitted to myself let alone another person. I felt heard and deeply understood and Kat’s ability to listen intently and then go straight to the heart of the issue astounded me several times. Her insight is astonishing and through our work together I developed more personal insight and made more progress than I have in the previous 20 years of ongoing leadership and self-development work.  I can honestly say working with Kat was transformational for me.  I thoroughly recommend her."