Feck Everything And Run

What is fear anyway?

… FEAR – that’s what it stands for right?  F&ck Everything And Run

OK – maybe it means False Evidence Appearing Real.  But, let’s face it – when we feel it – we all want to run, hide away or just plain give up.  

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 And we all know that fear comes on a sliding scale.  Right now, I’m probably at number 7 and procrastination is the name of the game!  The house has never been tidier. 

What am I afraid of?  Well, I’ve reached a place in my business when I really must step up and  I’m planning my first workshop.  IT TERRIFIES ME.  What if no-one comes, what if I forget my content, what if the venue cancels, what if I get tonsillitis and I’m not able to speak… 

So, this is the perfect time for me to teach you how to get through your fear

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