As the Bay City Rollers famously said…

Now this is an oldie but a goodie and well worth a read and listen – even if it’s just to check out the fabulous hair back in 2015…

I’ve written such great content over the years that seems to have fallen into the void so this year I shall be bringing it back out as the wisdom is timeless.

Now back to the Bay City Rollers…

all you need to do is give a little love

Remember that one ?  

LOVED the Bay City Rollers – I even had a picture of them printed on my knickers, vest and socks… It’s a bit creepy now, when I think about it…

But I digress.  

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been busy filming and writing and qualifying as an EFT practitioner, all to do with an exciting something I’ve got planned for you in a few months, and it made me stop and think about – well, Love Actually, (I’m having way too much fun writing this!)

Yes – it’s February – the month of love so I thought I would let you into a little secret that will ensure this St Valentine celebration will go with a bang, (no pun intended!)


My mini mastermind this month is all about learning your love language…

Whether you’re married, single or somewhere in between – can you imagine how wonderful it will feel to understand how you need others to show you love so you actually feel loved and more importantly, to understand how to show love to those around you in a way that they understand and feel loved.

A world with no more, “you never tell me you love me”, is a very happy world indeed.  

Check out how to learn your love language on my latest vlog and click the link below



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