did you know it’s national cancer awareness day?

Hey fabulous woman.

Did you know, more people than ever are surviving cancer.

According to MacMillan Research and the Office For National Statistics those numbers are projected to increase by approximately one million per decade.    

All in all – this is fantastic news. By 2030 over 4 million people will be picking up the pieces and rebuilding their lives after cancer treatment. 

This post is In honour of all those who have battled cancer and won. Today, I shine a light on all who have been through hell and made it out the other side.   

There is a belief that after the medical team step away we are all left jumping for joy. Lost in love and gratitude and eager to get back to normal. 

Sadly, the reality can be very different.

You feel lost and alone, overwhelmed and angry.  You’re at your lowest ebb both physically and emotionally. You have no idea how to pick yourself back up again… And through all this, you’re having to smile and reassure your loved ones that yes, you’re as excited as they are…

If you recognise yourself in this, let me reassure you that you’re not alone.

With three simple strategies you can come back to life. With more love, kindness, compassion and adventure than you’ve ever known.

So where do you start?  Well, you need to to focus on what you eat, what you think and what you do.

WHAT YOU EAT: Get curious about what’s in your food. The first thing to do is take the toxic chemicals out of your diet. Go back to basics; plenty of water, a variety of coloured veggies and a healthy portion of protein.  Watch your dairy, grain and red meat intake.  And no more frankenstein foods – you know the ones that are made in a laboratory.

WHAT YOU THINK: It is crucial to become aware of those all consuming thoughts. One of the easiest ways to bring those unconscious automatic thoughts out into the open is to journal. The Julia Cameron way. In her book The Artists Way, Julia explains how writing every morning is a fantastic way to discover the inner workings of you.  

Write 3 A4 pages as close to waking as possible to quieten the monkey mind chatter. This practice will also create space to think more clearly and allow ideas to flow. It will give you space to uncover who you are today and what you need to be happy, confident and healthy.

WHAT YOU DO: For you to thrive after cancer self care is crucial and you must begin to understand what it is you need to get to that baseline, of feeling OK.  A need is something that, if you don’t have it met, you feel miserable, out of sorts, agitated…  A need could be spending time in nature, meditation, out with friends, gentle exercise, a massage or reflexology… A need is something purely for you to replenish your energy.  

After your battle with cancer, it’s crucial to know you’re not alone with these powerful and overwhelming thoughts and feelings.   When you’re ready to come back to life after your cancer battle come and join my free community of understanding men and women and navigate your way back to life. Facebook Life After Cancer

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About the author: As founder of the women’s vitality and leadership company, Vital Leaders, Kat has lived experience of Boardroom brilliance and burnout. Couple this with her corporate insights, coaching excellence, and psychotherapy expertise and it’s easy to see why she’s recognised as one of the UK’s leading coaches. She supports ambitious women to own their genius and elevate their success.

She’s also the founder of The Vitality Club, a private members network for ambitious women who are ready to embrace their authentic power and sky-rocket their career, without burning out.

And she’s the creator of an empowerment group, Life After Cancer, which is a voluntary-led initiative dedicated to supporting men and women as they rebuild their lives after their battle with cancer.

Kat’s mission is to make a significant impact on the lives of women around the world, guiding them back to their authentic voices, to embrace their genius; powerfully, boldly and without burning out.

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