do you consider yourself ambitious?

How many of you out there have your own business and building your entrepreneurial empire?  How many of you are already realising that passion, strategies and targets aren’t enough to succeed?

Or maybe you’re working your way up the corporate ladder. Maybe you’ve just made it into the boardroom and realised (as I did), even with a huge dose of ambition and smarts, it isn’t going to be enough to succeed. 

It doesn’t matter how much we want success, if our head is not in the right place we will struggle, stress and ultimately burn out.

And let me assure you – speaking from experience – that is not a fun place to find yourself.

So, how do ambitious woman succeed without burning out?

When I began my business back in 2014 I supported women heading for burn out. I coached corporate and entrepreneurial powerhouses that wanted to make great change in their world and yet didn’t believe they were good enough – they doubted every step they took – they couldn’t find their voice – they had no faith in themselves.

Does this sound familiar?

The fact is, when you don’t know who you are at your core, you live every day with that nagging, bullying voice in your head – you know the one, “who do you think you are?’, “you’ll never be good enough?”, “everyone thinks you’re a joke!”, “no one actually likes you!”, “what the hell are you wearing!”… 

Success starts long before you reach the boardroom, or found an empire. 

Success starts by finding your voice;

✨    knowing what you stand for, and 

✨    knowing what you stand against, 

✨    understanding what you’ll tolerate in life, 

✨    knowing what drives you, 

✨    knowing how to stay healthy, strong and resilient

Only then will you be able to commit with confidence, boldly step up and change your world without burning out.  

Here’s to a great month .


About the author:

As founder of the women’s vitality and leadership company, Vital Leaders, Kat has lived experience of Boardroom brilliance and burnout. Couple this with her corporate insights, coaching excellence, and psychotherapy expertise and it’s easy to see why she’s recognised as one of the UK’s leading coaches. She supports ambitious women to own their genius and elevate their success.

She’s also the founder of The Vitality Club, a private members network for ambitious women who are ready to embrace their authentic power and sky-rocket their career, without burning out.

And she’s the creator of an empowerment group, Life After Cancer, which is a voluntary-led initiative dedicated to supporting men and women as they rebuild their lives after their battle with cancer.

Kat’s mission is to make a significant impact on the lives of women around the world, guiding them back to their authentic voices, to embrace their genius; powerfully, boldly and without burning out.

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